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Mixed Size Bundles

Mixed Size Bundles

Compare our prices – No-one else is cheaper!Redliners Meche was invented by... 



Redliner Professional Hair Supplies has more than eighteen years of experience and is one of the UK's fastest growing distributors of professional hair products to the trade. We like to think of ourselves as a people's company as we have real people who work with hundreds of salons everyday. We are always looking for new products and ideas that will benefit our salons. Redliners highlighting meche was created by hairdressers for hairdressers in order to provide high quality at cheaper prices. As a company we want to provide a product that offers a great price point for professionals but also a product that never compromises on quality.

Redliners recognizes the growing demand for environmental sustainability and are working towards steps that will ensure we are being as environmentally friendly as possible. 95% of all our packaging is recyclable and we choose a courier that is carbon neutral. Our meche is also manufactured in the UK, reducing carbon footprint for all of our UK customers.

Made in the UK